From the recording Endless Line

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Rider on an Endless Line
(Tim Stafford and Steve Gulley, 2003)

V1) Black coffee waitin’ for me, day number 123, now there’s nothing more to say
I turn the radio on, hopin’ all it takes is a song
To get me through another day

Br) But it’s not workin’ anymore
I wonder what I’m workin’ for

CH) I’m just a rider on an endless line
This way of living seemed to suit me fine till now
There’s nothing better than a clear blue sky
To feel like flyin’, but you don’t know why or how

V2) Hey Boy, get out of bed,
get the cobwebs out of your head
Burnin’ daylight ain’t the plan
All packed and ready to go, killing time at the fishing hole,
Learnin’ how to be a man

Br) But I’m not the man I planned to be
Forty years ago I couldn’t see

CH) I’d like to go back to a simpler day
If I believed that I could find a way, I would
But I’m not living this lie anymore
Someday soon I’m gonna close that door for good

I’m still a rider on an endless line
Running away and slowly out of time each day
And I’m still lookin’ for a clear blue sky
Where I can spread my wings and then I’ll fly away

© Daniel House Music, BMI
© Mountain Heart Music, BMI