1. The Kid

From the recording Endless Line

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(Tim Stafford, 2002)

I am known as Billy Antrim, but McCarty is my name
You may have heard of William Bonney, I suppose it’s all the same
I soon came to shoot a pistol as sure as I could point my hand
But how I came to be an outlaw, guess I’ll never understand

See I hired for John D. Tunstall and he treated me so well
For him I gladly would have ridden through the very fires of hell
But he was killed by Jesse Evans, though Dolan fired a shot as well
And not an hour was spent in prison, at least by those who lived to tell

I was brought in chains to Lincoln, barely clothed and poorly fed
Before I left that stinking prison, two deputies were dead
Now I’m here in Old Fort Sumner, and Paulita’s by my side
And my life is down to wondering how long an outlaw has to hide

If you’re looking for a hero or a villain in this tale
You’ll find both, most likely neither; just a human urge to fail
For I am just a young vaquero, never courted crime nor fame
Now I wish those Eastern papers had never heard my name © Daniel House Music, BMI