1. Danville Girl

From the recording Endless Line

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1) I went down to Danville Got stuck on a Danville girl
Oh, you bet your life she’s out of sight
She wears those Danville curls

2) She wears her hair on the back of her head
like all high-toned people do
The very first train that leaves this town
Going to bid that girl adieu

3) I don’t see why I love that girl, She never cared for me
But still my mind is on her wherever she may be

4) It’s forty miles through the rock
It’s sixty through the sand
Oh I relate to you the life
Of many a poor married man

5) Oh standing by the railroad track a-resting my poor tired feet
Nine-hundred miles away from home and not a bite to eat

6) A-walking about on the old platform
A-smoking a cheap cigar
A-waiting for a local freight, to catch an empty car

7) Look up, look down that lonesome road
Hand down your head and cry
The best of friends have to part sometimes
And why can’t you and I?