From the recording Just to Hear the Whistle Blow

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Worry's Like a Rockin' Chair
(Tim Stafford, Barry Bales)

CH) Worry's Like a Rockin' Chair
It won't get you anywhere
Back and forth, but you're still there
Worry's Like a Rockin' Chair

V1) Grandpa was a wise old man
cigarettes in calloused hands
Never had a lot to say
An education every day

V2) He'd take down his old guitar
apple pie in an old fruit jar
On his porch the whole day long
a Worried man sings a worried song


V3) Years of trouble, years of strife
Years of racing through this life
chased a dollar all the way
my reward is turning gray

V4) same old porch, brand new day
Where grandpa used to sit and play
I still hear him in my head
words of wisdom never said