1. On the Ledge

From the recording Just to Hear the Whistle Blow

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On the Ledge
(Stafford, Starnes, Stockard)

1) All it took was the first time
She swore she'd never do it again
She's only looking for a good time
Till the Devil came walking in

She found herself a shadow
of the girl she use to be
She tries her best to hide it
But the whole world can see

CH) that's she's on the ledge,on a rusty razor's edge

2) friends and family welcomed him home
with medals on his chest
Now he walks the streets alone
But he just can't get no rest

He did his time on the front line
for God, Country and Corps
but the battle still rages in his mind
in a different kind of war

CH) he's on the ledge, on a rusty razor's edge

Forty hours a week for eighty years
They worked out on the line
Then the company up and disappears
without a warning sign

the brand they wore moved offshore
'cause greed has no pride
Now the wolf is knocking down the door
and there's no place to hide

BR) God looks down on creation With teardrops in his eyes
The lust of every nation Creates its own demise

CH) We're on the ledge, On a rusty razor's edge