1. Hideaway Hotel

From the recording Just to Hear the Whistle Blow

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Hideaway Hotel
(Steve Gulley, Tim Stafford)

I live out on the highway, not the greatest side of town
Since they built the new road, not as many come around
A lot of folks down on their luck, just working for a dime
Peeling paint and neon signs that work most of the time

I've seen pushers, pimps and preachers, by the hour or the day
They come to rent some peace of mind, or give it all away
some come here to hide, some to just be gone
Chances are if you come here, you're doing something wrong

I don't have turndown service, but I got an empty pool
I deal in matters of the heart, just a halfway house for fools
I know how to be discrete with all my clientele
I live for you to use me, I'm the Hideaway Hotel


I've got little bars of soap and slots for razor blades
Sanitized for your protection, you've really got it made
I've got cable television, with a modern day decor
There's a bible in the nightstand, but that's not what you're looking for

You won't find me in AAA, or on the intenet
I just provide a service, what you see is what you get
Sometimes I give you things that you can't get at home
I'm the temple of addiction, a haven for lost souls


I'm right here when you need me, I'm the Hideaway Hotel