From the recording Just to Hear the Whistle Blow

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Tim Stafford,  Jon Weisberger (Daniel House Music BMI, Use Your Words Music, BMI)

It Ain't the Mountain that you're climbing
It's just a place you're passing through, where you go is up to you
cause the mountain you've been climbing
is no bigger than the pebble in your shoe

Another Sunday, at the liquor store by two
He works the second shift cause the rent is overdue
Sometimes he wonders how working hard went wrong
How the best that he can do is barely hanging on

Come Monday morning, she's standing in the line
The cotton mill pulled out and she got left behind
So she worries about her children back at home
Will they find another way before their dreams have flown?

Don't lie down; Don't give up on your pride
Don't look up; The way ahead is down inside