1. I Am America

From the recording Acoustic Guitar

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I Am America
(Starnes, Stafford)

I am a bridge in Dallas County that someone had to cross
I am a mine in West Virginia where thirteen lives were lost
I'm a grave in Pennsylvania in the middle of a field
I Am a lady in a harbor with a torch shining still
I am America, I am America

I am a light in a church house on the North End of town
a Courthouse in Appamattox, on dark and bloody ground
I'm a broken bell in Philly, on Independence Day
I am a diamond in a corn field where the whole world learned to play
I am America, I am America

I'm a date that lives in infamy, a post war baby boom
I'm a grassy knoll in Dallas, And I've walked on the moon
I am every creed and color, every point of view
I am black and brown and yellow, red, white and blue
I am America, I am America

We are ground zero, Where some gave all
We are a flag flying free on a tower standing tall
We are the tired, the poor and homeless from your teeming shore
We are every man and woman who yearns for something more
We are America, We are America

Publisher : Daniel House Music, It Says What It Says Music (BMI)
Copyright © 2016, Tim Stafford | Bobby Starnes