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The Last Clinchfield Run
(Stafford/Gulley, 12/16/15)

It's my last run from Erwin on the Clinchfield tonight
They'll close down the railyard at first morning light
Never had time for crying, not that kind of guy
But I'm dreading the moment the sun starts to rise

Got the crew call this morning, to Bostic this time
A short run, but a good one for old number 9
Just me and Ed Williams, like so many before
But this time we both knew it meant so much more

Automatic is handy, but it don't have the feel
So I switched down to manual, cause manual is real
And I wanted to feel it around every curve
I just felt it was something we both deserved

I was talking to Williams, he's older than me
about the people we'd known and the places we'd seen
Then his eyes kinda sparkled and I said with a smile
Why don't you take her a couple of miles

Metal on metal, joints cracking the rail
Then it fades in the distance till the red light grows pale

So I'm standing in Erwin, and the yard's empty now
Don't know where I'm headed, but I'll go on somehow
I feel God on my shoulder and a tear in my eye
For we are the Clinchfield, my brothers and I
Publisher : Daniel House Music, Gulleys Curve Music (BMI)
Copyright © 2020, Tim Stafford | Steve Gulley