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Sail Away to See the World
[Craig Market, Tim Stafford]
Greenland born and ocean bound
Two years until the others drowned
I bid farewell to solid ground
And sailed away to see the world

One hundred feet across her beam
As grand as any man had seen
Steel and wood, grace and steam
sailed away to see the world

From Londonderry, Cork and Claire
Far and wide they gathered there
In answer to a young man's prayer
And sailed away to see the world

Standing on the bridge alone
A Strong and steady hand upon
the wheel that guides her safely home
To sail no more and see the world

The moon bright as day as she slid 'neath the waves
On That cold April night long ago

So when you bow your head to pray
Remember souls that slipped away
And young men dreaming still today
To sail away and see the world
Publisher : Daniel House Music (BMI), Drop D Publishing (BMI)
Copyright © 2020, Tim Stafford | Craig Market