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Shenandoah Valley Blues
(Tim Stafford, Jon Weisberger, Daniel House Music BMI, Asheville Music Publishing)

1) It’s Fall and I’m thinking of Virginia
and I know the time is drawing near
Cause in dreams once again I try to win ya
but I left you standing by the cabin door
now I wonder if I’ll see it anymore

CH) If I wake before the devil comes to find me
Still I’ll have nothing to lose
But this feeling that I left too much behind me
And the Shenandoah Valley Blues

2) When the Apple blossoms bloom I’ll be going
back to the place I love so dear
where once again that Shenandoah wind is blowing
and forever in your arms I’m gonna stay
Oh I wonder why I ever went away

Publisher : Daniel House Music, Asheville Music Publishing (BMI)
Copyright © 2020, Tim Stafford | Jon Weisberger