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In 2015, Annie Robinette had an idea for a night of "musical storytelling" involving a few songwriters with very different approaches to the art. First she contacted Jeff Lane and together they decided to ask Tim Stafford and Bobby Starnes about the idea. What ended up happening was pure magic in front of a sold-out audience in the Robinette's intimate studio in Bristol, TN! In 2016 the show was brought back together with the same results and a very personal experience for everyone in attendance. Due to circumstances beyond their control, a planned 2017 reunion didn't happen, however it is now 2018 and this MUST HAPPEN AGAIN!

This is a true reflection of why songs are written as told by the musical storytellers. Prepare to understand the songs in their most fragile form - just as they were created...

For more info on the artists:

Tim Stafford website - https://www.timstaffordguitar.com/ Annie Robinette website - http://www.annierobinette.com Bobby Starnes website - http://www.hatcreekrecordingcompany.com/About_Us.html Jeff Lane website - http://jefflanesongwriter.com

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