1. Shotgun Sam
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Shotgun Sam and Buckshot Bill
(Tim Stafford, Bobby Starnes)

V1) Shotgun Sam the revenuer man, Spent his nights up in the mountains
Coon dog rustling blowing and a busting, up them Clear Corn fountains
Buckshot Bill had a moonshine still, supplied the whole dern county
They knew his name but couldn’t find his claim No matter how high the bounty

CH) Shotgun Sam, revenuer man, Can’t find Bill and you never will

V2) Way back in the hills, Sam spotted Bill, And he Gathered his G-men together
They’d wait till the morning, strike without warning, Never have to draw first leather 
But in the cold early dawn, with their tommyguns drawn, Couldn’t have gone but one way
all they found was a note, said you’re not even close, I’ll see you in church on Sunday

V3) Shotgun Sam was a revenuer man, That the whole dern county trusted
No he matter how he tried, lied or he spied, there’s a reason Bill never got busted
Buckshot Bill, they found your still, and Boys ain’t it kinda funny
That Shotgun Sam, the government man, Died with a ton of money
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