1. Keep it Merle
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Keep it Merle
(Bobby Starnes, Tim Stafford)

1) This slicked up city shit that you call Country
is nothing more than dumbed-downed Rock and Roll
Ain’t no cryin, no dyin, no cheatin’ or lyin’
no fiddle, No steel, and no soul

CH) I guarantee the Possum, Cash or Buck
Never did it down a dirt road
on the tailgate of their truck
there’s only three commandments if you wanna rock my world

Keep it real, keep it Country, keep it Merle

2) Where I come from, not every night’s a party, 
not every day’s the best that it could be
I drink when I can, cause I’m a working man
With a wife and kids at home depends on me

TAG) In Muskogee, Oklahoma, USA
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