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(Tim Stafford and Bobby Starnes)

I was thinkin’ ‘bout Mary as I left Tucumcari
With four hours to make Santa Fe
I know she’s been hopin’ I’ll quit this damn ropin’
But that’s one thing that she’d never say

It’s a cowboy’s addiction, the smell and the friction
Of the rope when it’s dallied and taut
Every year it gets rougher, but her love is tougher
Than any steer I’ve ever fought

It’s more than a livin’, It’s been my whole life
That’s takin’ and givin’ the pleasure and strife
But I’ve known all along that this day would come
Guess my ropin’ days are done

There’s headers and heelers, addicts and dealers
And Crown to cover the fear
I been a saint and a sinner, a loser and winner
So where do I go from here?

I could be home by daybreak if I turn around now
I’God boys, it’s been fun
Tell the girls in Nogales I’m headed to Dallas
Now my ropin’ days are done

© 2018 Daniel House Music, It Says What It Says Music, BMI