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All in What We Leave Behind
(Bobby Starnes, Tim Stafford)

1) He found Jesus in a foxhole in 1951
He came home a hero and a prodigal son
With shrapnel in his shoulder thanks to Uncle Sam
He left a boy and came back a man
2) Came home to be a miner, but he had the urge to build
a guitar out of walnut and a church on Chestnut Hill
With a chisel and and a level, he always took his time
And carved his story out of pine
CH) We all have a reason why we’re here
All we leave are footprints that slowly disappear
It’s not until the end that we look back to find
It’s all in what we leave behind
3) Her love was unconditional, with tough and tender care 
She gave up her own dreams so they could follow theirs
Some things go unwritten, like a silent sacrifice
Her story is written in their eyes
4) He could paint a masterpiece with a few simple words
He could write a melody, and sing it like a bird
He could tell a tale of sorrow like it’s never been told
And turn that story into gold

© 2018, Daniel House Music, BMI; It Says What It Says Music, BMI